"I create homes that have a soul and that resemble my clients-homes that are made for them"


Her vocation manifested itself in childhood. Passionate about decor, the young Odile drew on her gift of exceptional visualization to reimagine personal spaces or virtually create spaces she would visit. The aesthetic dimension always guided this visionary's journey, with a career beginning in fashion and leading to other artistic disciplines.

Immersed in culture, architecture, fashion and music, she draws inspiration from the creative power, as well as the artistic and emotional material that is so palpable in Paris.

She calls upon the finest French artisans to create a style, her style, to perfection... A work that requires time and a unique, traditional savoir-faire. A meticulus level of attention that leads to a timeless, elegant style of which one does not tire, where in well-being and beautiful materials define the space.

Her demand for excellence results in the number of her projects being highly limited, in order to never delegate even the smallest task that could appear menial.

Yet Odile Texier does not stop here. In an exceptional space, situated in the heart of Paris, nestled under the arcades of Palais-Royal, she opened an in-house gallery, where she receives her clients amongst a decor that could only be considered Haute couture. A mixture of styles, with audacious hues and materials, which perfectly reflect her... Odile Texier embraces the boldest bets, which are inherent to her passion... 


  "Desiring for others what one, in fact, seeks for oneself : nothing more than emotions...”